2013. szeptember 18., szerda

Robo3D újra

Ma kaptam a kedves csapattól egy levelet:

"Hi RoBo 3D preorderers!

Just wanted to give you all another quick update and keep you in the loop what is going on here at RoBo 3D. I appreciate your patience once again as I know it has been a long wait. This whole process has been a bit of a learning experience and 3D printers are harder to mass manufacture than we originally thought, but we are making it happen! We just returned from a business trip in China where we met with our multiple manufacturers and our assembly house that is helping us get caught up with all the preorders.  They had 500 units assembled and ready and they have already shipped them to us in the US so we should be receiving those in a few weeks. As well, they are already building another 500 units that will help us fulfill all of the website orders and have inventory at hand.  Meanwhile, we are also building units in our workspace in California that we are delivering daily to you all so you should be receiving one in the near future. I do not have an exact delivery date as w  e are delivering through the list of orders from first to last one pre-ordered. Once we receive the 500 units, we are going to QC check them 1 by 1 and send atlease 30-50 out daily. This will help us move forward and make sure the product is great before it gets to your doorstep.  Hope you all are excited to get your RoBo 3D and create amazing things with it. Thank you all for your patience and understanding with the delays in the estimated deliveries. We truly are working very hard to make sure we deliver an amazing product to you all. Have a wonderful day and keep an eye out for your email that says your RoBo has shipped!!

Braydon Moreno
CEO Team RoBo 3D"

Bla, Bla, Bla....
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